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Jai Jhulelal

Jai Jhulelal
Updated on
1st May, 2011

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Dear viewers,
Jai Jhulelal
is a complete Arbi Sindhi Web magazine
It is the India's first magazine publishing monthly in Sindhi

Some pages you can watch in English also, 
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A very lovely msg came from Mr. Tulsi from Sind

Risk is my Business, Danger is my Game,

Sindhi is my Name & Sindh is my Surname

I am a young Sindhi Born to Die,

Ask my Mom not to Cry,

TOPI & AJRAK are my Fashion

Don't play with me  Bcoz "SINDHI" is my Nation

Jiye SINDH dharti and Jiye Sindhi Boli

Jiye Sindhi Topi ain Jiye Sindhi Ajrak

Mr. Tulsi from SINDH (0092-3024958710)


SMS sent by Deepak Arora (Cell no. 9414159197)

Yes  I  am







in short  I   am S I N D H I

The Heart of India Proud to be Sindhi


SMS sent by AMIT (Cell no. 9898131388)

YPhuloon Ki Zindagi Baharon ne Likhee

Raton Ki Kahani Taron Ne Likhee

SINDHI naheen kisee Kalam ke Gulam

kiyun ki

SINDHIYUN ki zindgani Bhagwan Jhulelal ne Likhee


SMS sent by Prakash Ramchandani Adipur

(Cell no. 9428076082)

We Sindhis in World-

15 Lakh in U. S.

9.5 Lakh in U.K.

3.5 Lakh in Australia

3.3 Lakh in Canada

1.5 Lakh Africa

1 Lakh in Singapore

2 Lakh in UAE

70000 in France

85000 in Muscat

55000 in NewZealand

Now the third most popular Language in US and UK is Sindhi

The second most common Language after Spanish in US is Sindhi and not English

These all facts are a GOOGLE survey

So take pride in being SINDHI


SMS sent by Mahendra Khatri, Jaipur

(Cell no. 9829207171)

Is mulk ko mulk banayenge

Har zulmko mitayenge

Hai wada, agar saath de qoam

Chand pe bee "JAI JHULELAL"

ka Jhanda lahrayenge


Great Line By Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam :

I am not "HANDSOME", but I can give my "HAND" to "SOME" one who needs help ...

Beauty is in heart, not in the face!


Message sent by Mr. Kamlesh Mangnani from Bhavnagar ( 9375329105)

Heart Surgery free of Cost for Children of 0 to 10 years

for more details contact: 080-28411500

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6th May, 2011

Happy Birthday --- ---To all Sindhis born in month of June 


   5th May         Shri Arjan Bhambhani


Sindhyat Je Sitaran Khe Janamdin Mubarak

18th International Sindhi Sammelan

16, 17, 18 December  .....   ....  Ahmedabad

5th April



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